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Customer Stories

Throughout our 35 years of providing innovations to the textile industry, Softrol has implemented solutions that have brought significant improvements to client bottom lines. A few of these stories are highlighted here.

Crown Healthcare Laundry

Atlanta, GA

New Processing Facility in Atlanta, GA

Founded in 1955, Crown Health Care Laundry Services expands by adding a brand new state-of-the-art laundry processing facility in Atlanta, GA. Based on the success of their Lakeland, Florida, operation, the Crown team once again partnered with key partners.

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Nasheville, TN

New 2022 Garment Sortation Installation

In March of 2020, Aramark’s Nashville facility was hit by an EF3 tornado. Two years later, March 2022, a new state-of-the-are facility opened it’s doors to provide services to more that 2000 local customers.

Vogue Linen Supply

Elko, NV

Garment Sortation Installation

In 2021, with an expanding rental market, mostly due to the mining industry, Vogue Linen reached out to Softrol Systems to replace their antiquated garment sortation system. Requirements included the need for a cost-effective solution that provides full automation and improved operational efficiency while fitting into the available floor space.

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Crown Healthcare Laundry

Lakeland, FL

Soil Sortation & Rail Systems

The Softrol Systems Inc. sortation and material handling rail systems are an integral part of the new 86,000 sq ft Crown Healthcare Laundry facility in Lakeland, Florida. Working with wash aisle and finishing equipment provided by Pellerin Milnor and Chicago Dryer, Softrol provides an industrial strength solution with state-of-the-art technology.

Holy City Linen

N Charleston, SC

Automated Sort-On-Rail System

Soiled linen storage and soiled linen delivery to the wash aisle. The Softrol high-speed sort deck is fed by a cart dumper and conveyor system. Sorting is done directly to slings that automatically move in and out of the deck, once the correct sling weight is achieved.

West Michigan Uniform

West Michigan, MI

Wash Aisle Automation

West Michigan Uniform is a third-generation family owned business providing uniform services to Michigan companies. With a slogan, “Our Service Is Our ONLY Contract”, it was important for WMU to develop a wash aisle system that meets the needs of the customers they serve.

Brightwork Laundry Services

Myrtle Beach, SC

Automated Sort-On-Rail System

Operations began on May 11, 2020 in a brand new 25,000 square foot facility. The Softrol Rail material handling system automatically accepts slings of soiled linen from the automated sort system and transfers the slings to buffer rails for storage.

Gallagher Uniform

Battle Creek, MI

SofTrak Garment Tracking System

Using RFID technology through Softrol’s SofTrak garment tracking, route accounting, and enterprise management system helps to put Gallagher Uniform at the top of their game. SofTrak is a complete rental product management system for industrial and institutional laundries who understand the value of identifying garments with either bar codes or RF chips.

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Faultless Linen

St. Louis, MO

Labor Management / Production Reporting

A Softrol PPS Helps A New Plant Operate Efficiently. Softrol installed a PulseNet Production System (PPS) to report operator efficiency in real time. Pounds Per Operator Hour (PPOH) increased 35% in the first four months of operation.

Wildman Uniform and Linen

Warsaw, IN

Automated Sort-On-Rail System

A SoftSort Autosortation System Is Installed to Automatically Sort 5,000 Garments Per Day With A 2-Year Payback, Getting Expanded to A Capacity of 15,000 Garments Per Day with Another 2-Year Payback.

New System Laundry

Portland, OR

Labor Management / Production Reporting

A SOFTROL PPS Helps Existing Plant add Capacity Without Adding Equipment. Softrol installed a PPS – PulseNet Production System – with ten PPS workstations to report machine throughput and operator efficiency in real time.

Mission Linen & Uniform Service

Chino, CA

Automated Sort-On-Rail System

Softrol’s SoftSort Autosortation System reduces Mission’s sort labor by 77% plus an additional eight FTE’s, and sorts 3,500 garments per hour.

Gildan Activewear

Choloma, Honduras

Chemical Dispensing Systems

Softrol provides ChemPulse chemical injection systems for world’s largest sock production facilities. Equipment was included to deliver 13 chemicals to eight dye machines and to supply chemicals to a tunnel bleaching range.

Aramark Uniform Services

Sacramento, CA

Automated Garment Sorting

Softrol Delivers A SoftSort System That Automatically Sorts 40,000 Garments Per Day, At The Rate Of 3,800 Garments Per Hour And Reduces Workforce by 70%.

Aramark Uniform Services

Sacramento, CA

Wash Aisle Automation

Softrol’s AutoPulse Wash Aisle System enables reliable processing of goods with one operator and fully documented operation data.