Rail sorting system

Rail Systems

Softrol Rail Systems: Improving efficiency

As part of Total Plant Management, which focuses on plant efficiencies and maximum performance, Softrol offers state-of-the-art rail systems for both soil and clean goods transfer, as well as material handling for the wash aisle. These systems increase efficiency while minimizing manual labor. Softrol offers hardware and software designed to integrate with existing automation for soil and clean rail systems. Each rail system is custom engineered to fit your facility and production needs with the goal to reduce your time, space and labor requirements. Manual, semi-automated and fully automated rail systems are complemented by our software, a critical part of the Total Plant Management Suite.

Rail system with a man

Touchscreen operation reduces training time

Man at rail system computer

Distributed control platform for control isolation

Bins on a rail system

Sort-on-rail for streamlined soil sorting

Bins on a rail system

Continuous or non-continuous sort options

Softrol rail system up close

About Rail Systems

Utilizing the same control platform as our successful automated sorting product line and cutting edge industrial design, Softrol’s rail systems offer long life with optimum payback on your investment. Our unique use of round melonited rail for an optimal automation framework combined with our unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from other manufacturers.