Rail sorting system

Virtual Rail

Lift station screenshot

What is Softrol's PVRM?

Softrol’s PulseNet Virtual Rail Module (PVRM), takes the data entered at your bag load station and provides a virtual view of your manual rail system. Weight of the product going into the storage yard is controlled by the system. Bag movement and customer/load data are identified, on-screen, providing a much more manageable work in process for production planning.

Call-off station screenshot

What is the PLMM module?

To advance this system further for our customers with a Softrol-controlled wash aisle, we offer the PulseNet Load Management Module (PLMM). With PLMM, virtual bags are dragged and dropped into a washer, on-screen, which also transfers the corresponding load data for that bag into the microprocessor of the selected washer. This allows for automatic programming of washers, and provides enhanced reporting for wash aisle processes and load & customer data. PLMM may also transfer data to Softrol’s Catalyst Chemical Injection System.

Laundry Rail system with a man

Touchscreen operation reduces training time

Man at laundry rail system computer

Distributed control platform for control isolation

Bins on a laundry rail system

Sort-on-rail for streamlined soil sorting

Bins on a laundry rail system

Continuous or non-continuous sort options