Rail sorting system

Garment Sort System

Softrol Garment Sort Systems: Accurate, Efficient, and Flexible

Garment sort systems are an integral part of Softrol’s Total Plant Management program, which focuses on plant efficiencies and maximum performance. Garment sorting is a critical operation for uniform rental plants. It is labor intensive, consumes a large amount of floor space and customer satisfaction is dependent on returning the correct garments. Softrol offers garment sorting options for any size plant. New modular technology offers scalable systems that can meet the requirements of any size facility for a much more manageable investment. By designing solutions that are more flexible and scalable, we can now provide solutions for practically every uniform rental facility – independent of current size or future expansion requirements. Softrol offers 3 types of sortation: directed sort, hybrid sort, and auto sort. Directed sort is fully manual and uses RFID barcodes. Hybrid sort is our semi-automatic and auto sort is fully automated.


Garnment sort system

Garment Sort

Softrol’s sortation systems are used to automatically or semi-automatically sort garments in uniform rental plants. These systems accurately sort garments with minimal labor, make use of overhead storage that can increase available floor space, and provide information to management that usually results in significant savings in labor and inventory investment. Cost effective, labor saving systems can be designed for plants with throughput from 1,500 garments per day to plants with over 50,000 garments per day.

Rail system panels and switches

Distributed control platform for reliability

Garments being sorted on rail system

Minimize operating costs and improve customer service

Garments at the end of rail sort system

Sorting options for any size uniform rental plant

Rail system panels and switches

“Scan-on-the-fly” technology for reading garments