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Softrol offers several major systems for all plant automation needs, from productivity controls to management information software…all designed to increase production efficiencies and profitability. To learn more about specific Softrol solutions, please click on the brochure links noted below.

Corporate brochure

Softrol Corporate Brochure

Chemical systems brochure

Chemical Systems Brochure

Catalyst XT brochure

Catalyst XT Brochure

Catalyst LTLF Brochure

Catalyst Classic System Brochure

Catalyst Dual Inject Brochure

Classic Tunnel & Stand Brochure

Catalyst Tunnel LT Brochure

Catalyst LTLF Tunnel Brochure

Rail System Brochure

Productivity Systems Brochure

Garment Sort Systems Brochure

Shipping Systems Brochure

Management/Information Systems Brochure

Wash Aisle System Brochure

UtiliPulse Brochure

LOIS Brochure


White Papers

Softrol is regarded as an innovative leader in process controls and management information solutions for industrial laundry operations. As such, we are often asked to share our thoughts on topics related to plant automation products and systems. For our latest “white papers” please click the links below.

Corporate brochure

Return on Investment for Production Information Systems in the Textile Services Industry

Misconceptions brochure

Most Common Misconceptions About Autosortation