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Productivity Systems

Softrol Productivity Systems: Maximizing Plant Performance

Nobody knows how your plant should operate better than you. And that’s why Softrol’s PulseNet Productivity Systems (PPS) are considered the perfect tools for helping you manage your plant for even greater performance. Data you need. Data you own. PPS from Softrol is a productivity solution to measure, monitor and manage people to reduce labor cost. Unlike other productivity systems, PPS gives you data ownership. There are no monthly data storage and analysis fees. Production data is stored at your plant where it can be analyzed by management familiar with your plant operation rather than analysts reviewing numerous production systems at a remote location. With real-time feedback and reports that are instantly available for your management staff, PPS puts you in charge of determining the labor or equipment adjustments required for efficient production.

Softrol employees working in a compound


Productivity is a key factor for increased profitability and return on assets. Utilizing Softrol touchscreen SmartStations, PPS collects real-time information on operator work, machine utilization and plant throughput. This allows management to identify problems sooner, evaluate labor efficiency and determine the production rate versus capacity in real-time.