Aramark Uniform Service

Softrol’s AutoPulse Wash Aisle System enables reliable processing of goods with one operator and fully documented operation data.

Wash Aisle Automation

Softrol’s AutoPulse Wash Aisle System enables reliable processing of goods with one operator and fully documented operation data.


Aramark Uniform Services had plans for construction of a new market center in Sacramento, CA, to service their northern California market.


Aramark wanted a new state-of-the-art wash aisle that would deliver consistent and reliable laundering results, taking advantage of advancements in automation to provide cost savings over the typical labor-intensive handling in a traditional laundry. Aramark wanted to advance from a traditional labor-intensive wash aisle to a state-of-the-art fully automated wash aisle that had washers, dryers and conveyors acting in concert for maximum efficiency and minimum labor.


Through OEM suppliers, Aramark procured an AutoPulse Automation System from Softrol Systems, Inc. The washers, dryers, and conveyors automatically transfer goods between machinery, thereby eliminating the manual handling required in a typical laundry operation. A single operator is able to manage the entire wash aisle from a central “control center” with PC monitoring stations. Data was also made available regarding every step of the process, since information was passed from machine controller to machine controller, along with the goods. These “data records” ensure the proper processing when each load reaches the next step in the operation and provide a trail for troubleshooting any issues with the resulting batch.

Project Details:

OEM suppliers for washers, shuttle conveyors, dryers, and takeaway conveyors provided Softrol’s MicroPulse Controller on all equipment – the laundry also acquired Softrol’s Catalyst Chemical Injection System through their chemical vendor. All equipment was provided with Softrol’s private label versions of the MicroPulse Controller, PulseNet Plant Networking System, and AutoPulse System. Softrol also provided interfaces to a 3rd party soil rail system for receiving goods at the washers and a clean sling system for distributing goods to finishing equipment. Goods are automatically loaded into washers, which also receive the necessary processing information via a software interface. From that point forward, goods and data flow to washer, shuttle, dryer, and takeaway conveyor, ensuring that product is delivered to the correct machine and that the correct formulas are run – Softrol even provides information to indicate the destination for goods to the clean sling system.