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LOIS Systems

Get data on any plant operation, anytime, anywhere.

Softrol’s LOIS (Laundry Operation Information System) lets you access critical plant performance data at anytime, from anywhere.

  • Sends real-time alerts directly to your email address
  • Access multiple sites from the same user account; not limited to one single plant
  • Monitor critical plant functions and employee performance 24/7
  • Works seamlessly with any Softrol product
  • Accessible from smartphones, tablets, and PCs using any browser
  • Own the data of any Softrol plant operation or function
  • Choose from multiple levels of LOIS to meet your specific needs
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Total Plant Management

With a more modern look and feel, Total Plant Management never looked better! With a dashboard for each Softrol product line, rest easy knowing all your data is just a click away. Access reports and view today’s production information from anywhere!

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Perfect Integration

Built on integrity and hard-earned discipline, Softrol Systems prides itself on providing the most efficient reporting systems that will aid in the improved overall plant efficiency. One of these ultramodern systems includes the infamous LOIS system.

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Management and control

Standing for “laundry operation information system”, LOIS is able to process and analyze data from your plant’s operations, thus giving you the chance to manage and control what works and what doesn’t. This system has been proven to increase any plant’s overall efficiency, resulting in increased profits and improved management.

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How LOIS Can Help You

Want a central reporting platform in your plant? No problem. Call Softrol Sales today to learn how LOIS delivers.