LOIS PM Tracker

Productivity Made Easy

Increases Productivity by Reducing Equipment Breakdowns Improves Productivity of Equipment and Employees

  • Manages equipment, parts, purchasing, PM tasks & maintenance employees
  • Available for Local or Cloud-Based Installations
  • Tracks parts costs, labor costs, and equipment downtime.
  • Allows planning of workload based on actual planned run times.
  • Allows for the identification of problem equipment.
  • Predicts future PM requirements by equipment

Desktop Advantages

  • Management can easily see status at the desk
  • PM Tasks, Work Orders, Inventory Status & Purchase Requests
  • Dashboard for quick summary of maintenance status
  • Move to details by clicking on widgets

Tablet/Phone Advantages

  • Maintenance crew has the latest information at their finger tips and on the work floor
  • Open work orders – for themselves, by equipment, for all
  • Create new work orders
  • Record time
  • Scan using QR code

Additional Advantages


  • A Preventative Maintenance schedule can be entered for each machine
  • Documents and Images can be downloaded for each piece of equipment
  • Preventative maintenance data is stored via Work Order history

Work Orders

  • Each work order has a QR Code that can be used for log-in
  • Work Orders are automatically generated based on schedule in the system
  • Work Orders may also be manually generated for creation of breakdown
    or informational Work Orders
  • Paper Work Orders may be issued by the Maintenance Mgr., or Work
  • Orders may be assigned to the maintenance team in the system.
  • Maintenance individual clocks-in to the work order
    • Selects parts used and adds to the work order
    • May also make a parts request (Maint. Mgr. would need to approve)
    • Adds comments and/or images and video to provide data regarding
      issue found and corrective actions taken
    • Can check-in and check-out or just document total hours and close
    • Maintenance time is tracked for each work order

Purchase Requests

  • Purchase Requests are made by the Maintenance worker
  • Maintenance Mgr. approves purchase request
  • Alerts purchasing of the need
  • Export to existing purchasing system (interface with global purchasing system) v Purchase Request is closed once the part enters inventory

PM Tracker Can help You

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