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A Little About Softrol

Softrol is committed to forging partnerships with our customers and supplying them with advanced computer-based automation technology designed and manufactured with the highest regard to quality and service.

Material Handling, Process Control, Total Plant Integrated Data

Innovative solutions for greater productivity and efficiency.

Garment bags on a rail sorting system

Soil Sort & Rail Systems

As part of our advanced material handling solutions, which focus on plant efficiencies and maximized performance, Softrol offers state-of-the-art rail systems. Softrol Rail provides dependable service with optimum payback on your investment.

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Wash Aisle Systems

At the heart of our automation solutions are Softrol’s washer and dryer controls. Softrol controls are available on new washers through several OEM manufacturers or as a retrofit on existing equipment.

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Garment Sort Systems

Softrol offers garment sorting options for any size plant. New modular technology offers scalable systems that can meet the requirements of any size facility for a much more manageable investment.

Softrol Systems machinery standalone

Chemical Systems

We make chemical systems designed to keep up with evolving technology. The Catalyst chemical system uses flow meter-based injection technology and provides volumetric injection and water flush verification.

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Productivity Systems

The Softrol PulseNet Production System (PPS) is an integrated hardware and software package that collects, calculates, and reports productivity information necessary to help manage labor effectively.

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Management Systems

Total Plant Management software from Softrol gives you advanced information about your plant at one single entry point. It is designed to help identify bottlenecks quickly and let you improve overall productivity.

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Shipping Systems

Softrol offers systems that help you keep track of your inventory. The Softrak and MTrak systems handle data for individual items, while the PPS Cart provides tracking for bulk items. All feature detailed history and reporting.

Tablet with LOIS Systems report

LOIS Systems

Softrol’s LOIS (Laundry Operation Information System) makes it easy to get plant performance data anywhere on any device. You are able to get real-time alerts via email and monitor plant functions and employee performance around the clock.

Get Plant Data Anytime From Anywhere

Softrol’s LOIS (Laundry Operation Information System) lets you access critical plant performance data at any time, from anywhere. LOIS can send real-time alerts directly to your email address.

Access multiple sites from the same user account; not limited to one single plant. Monitor critical plant functions and employees performance 24/7.

More about the LOIS System


Softrol offers several major systems for all plant automation needs, from productivity controls to management information software.

Our Team

Softrol is the recognized leader of process controls and management information solutions for automation of the textile rental and manufacturing industries.

Customer Stories

Throughout our 30 years of providing innovations to the textile industry, Softrol has implemented solutions that have brought significant improvements to client bottom lines. A few of these stories are highlighted here.