Worker in a Softrol System

Shipping And Tracking Technologies

Track Carts and Mats / Bulk Items

PPS Cart

Cart tracking, Check-in/Cart Build/Check-out.

  • Real-Time Capture of Return Products, Build of Carts & Creation of Delivery Manifests by Item Count or Weight
  • Electronic Delivery of Manifests and Check-in Reports
  • Cart Delivery Record
  • Product Variance Reporting
  • Export to Invoicing System
  • Historical Reporting
  • LOIS – Reporting Via Cell Phone or Tablet
  • Optional Features:
    • Route Driver Module
    • Track Carts & Stop Times
    • Route Planning / Scheduling Module
    • DRP (Daily Requirement Planning) & PPS (PulseNet Productivity System) Interfaces
    • Cart ID by RFID or Barcode – Track Cart Locations
    • Invoice System Interface
    • Customer Web Interface to Info – Customer can log on to view product status
Shipping logistics diagram

Track Garments / Individual Items


Mat Tracking System

  • Individual Item Tracking with Barcode or RFID Labels
  • Customer & Product History to Advance Decision Making
  • Realize maximum benefit of Inventory Labeling
  • Gain control of Rotating Stock
  • Provides Opportunity to Levy Charges for Damaged Goods
  • Assigns Items to a Specific Customer
  • Assigns Identification and Processing Data to New Goods
  • Provides a Detailed Product History
  • Records Delivery Time and Date Stamping – Check-Ins & Outs
  • Identifies Rotating Stock Items Overdue for Return
  • Track Customer & Vendor Related Issues with Products
  • Manage Processing Costs
  • Improve Profitability
  • LOIS – Reporting Via Cell Phone or Tablet


Route Accounting System (manage inventory of individually tracked items)

  • Customer Relations Module
    • Allows customer service employees to quickly manage all information about each customer account
  • Garment Tracking Module
    • Interface for production employees – usage counts, garment assignments & route management
  • Purchasing Module
    • Designed to create and manage purchase requests for the system. Items can be automatically added to purchase requests through the stockroom work order process
  • Invoicing Module
    • Create and track customer charges. Provides invoicing by delivery or by customer.
  • Stockroom/Warehouse Module
    • Allows filling of work orders from stock. Also works with the Purchasing Module to order products that are unavailable from the current inventory.
  • Reporting Module
    • Unique to individual company to report on your specific processes.
  • Web Interface
    • Online live view of customers delivery schedules & invoices.
  • LOIS – Reporting Via Cell Phone or Tablet

Softrol’s UtiliPulse

Softrol’s UtiliPulse plant and utility monitoring package, monitors any number of customized utility metering points to track consumption. There is a wide variety of information that can be monitored, tracked and reported on, including consumption of water, natural gas and electricity. Further, temperatures and flows can be metered and tracked for things like heat reclamation systems, washer/extractors, boiler stack temperatures and wastewater discharge.