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Softrol Management/Information Systems: the core of Total Plant Management

Several management information systems comprise Softrol’s Total Plant Management Program which focuses on plant efficiencies and maximum performance. With our sophisticated information systems, plant management has actionable data, both historical and real-time. Our Total Plant Management software is designed as a single entry point to give you advanced information about your plant’s operation. Data is gathered from multiple production points within the plant so that management decisions can be made quickly. With real-time feedback and reports that are instantly available, Total Plant management puts you in charge of determining the labor, equipment or goods flow adjustments required to meet the daily production requirement.

Combining business intelligence, the daily requirement planning (DRP), the real-time graphical status of key production areas and historical reporting, Total Plant Management software helps you determine what has happened and what needs to happen, for faster identification of production bottlenecks, better equipment utilization and improved productivity and throughput.

With multi-site capability, the system provides a way to monitor key performance measurements across multiple sites.