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Get data on any plant operation, at anytime, from anywhere.

Softrol’s LOIS (Laundry Operation Information System) lets you access critical plant performance data at anytime, from anywhere.

  • Sends real-time alerts directly to your email address
  • Access multiple sites from the same user account; not limited to one single plant
  • Monitor critical plant functions and employee performance 24/7
  • Works seamlessly with any Softrol product
  • Accessible from smartphones, tablets, and PCs using any browser
  • Own the data of any Softrol plant operation or function
  • Choose from multiple levels of LOIS to meet your specific needs

Want a central reporting platform but don’t have Softrol in your plant? No problem. Call Softrol Sales today to learn how LOIS delivers.

Get data on any plant operation, anytime, from anywhere.


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