Shipping and Tracking Technologies

Track Carts / Bulk Items

PPS Cart

Cart tracking, Check-in/Cart Build/Check-out

  • Real-Time Capture of Return Products, Build of Carts & Creation of Delivery Manifests by Item Count or Weight
  • Electronic Delivery of Manifests and Check-in Reports
  • Cart Delivery Record
  • Product Variance Reporting
  • Export to Invoicing System
  • Historical Reporting
  • LOIS – Reporting Via Cell Phone or Tablet
  • Optional Features:
  • Route Driver Module
  • Track carts & stop times
  • Route Planning/Scheduling Module
  • DRP (Daily Requirement Planning) & PPS (PulseNet Productivity System) Interfaces
  • Cart ID by RFID or Barcode – track cart locations
  • Invoice System Interface
  • Customer Web Interface to Info – customer can log-on to view product status

Track Individual Items


Route Accounting System (manage inventory of individually tracked items)

  • Customer Relations Module
    Allows customer service employees to quickly manage all information about each customer account
  • Garment Tracking Module
    Interface for production employees – usage counts, garment assignments & route management
  • Bundle Verification
    Confirms that bundles are complete and separated from other bundles
  • Purchasing Module
    Designed to create and manage purchase requests for the system. Items can be automatically added to purchase requests through the stockroom work order process
  • Invoicing Module
    Create and track customer charges. Provides invoicing by delivery or by customer.
  • Stockroom/Warehouse Module
    Allows filling of work orders from stock. Also works with the Purchasing Module to order products that are unavailable from the current inventory.
  • Reporting Module
    Unique to individual company to report on your specific processes.
  • Web Interface
    Online live view of customers delivery schedules & invoices.
  • LOIS – Reporting Via Cell Phone or Tablet


Mat Tracking System

  • Individual Item Tracking with Barcode or RFID Labels
  • Customer & Product History to Advance Decision Making
  • Realize maximum benefit of inventory labeling
  • Gain control of Rotating Stock
  • Provides Opportunity to Levy Charges for Damaged Goods
  • Assigns Items to a Specific Customer
  • Assigns Identification and Processing Data to New Goods
  • Provides a Detailed Product History
  • Records Delivery Time and Date Stamping – Check-Ins & Outs
  • Identifies Rotating Stock Items Overdue for Return
  • Track Customer & Vendor Related Issues with Products
  • Manage Processing Costs
  • Improve Profitability
  • LOIS – Reporting Via Cell Phone or Tablet