Laundry Material Handling

Laundry material handling systems are an essential part of any laundry operation. They help to ensure that laundry is transported efficiently and safely from one area to another. There are a variety of laundry material handling systems available on the market today, each designed to meet the specific needs of a laundry operation. 

Laundry Rail Systems

Our laundry rail systems are a part of Total Plant Management. TPM ensures the plant is efficient and performing at maximum capabilities. Softrol offers state-of-the-art laundry rail systems for soil and clean goods transfer. Additionally, Softrol offers material handling for the wash aisle. This helps to minimize labor while maximizing efficiency. Offering both hardware and software, Softrol’s systems can integrate with any soil or clean rail systems that are already in place.  The system is custom engineered so that it fits within your facility. We also customize each to meet individual production needs. Our goal is to reduce your labor time while utilizing your space as efficiently as possible. 

Soil Sort Systems

Our automated solution streamlines the soil sort process and provides operators with feedback for load details, instructions on how to load each bin’s slings into trucks or trailers depending what kind they are ( continuous vs non-continuous), as well an indication of when it is time based off this information. SmartStation touchscreens allow performance monitoring so no one will ever have any doubts about their work!

Garment Sort System

With Softrol’s new Total Plant Management program, plant efficiency and maximum performance are at an all time high. One of the keys to this success is our dedication towards providing efficient garment sorting options for any size facility – no matter how big or small they may be. We have developed scalable systems that can meet your requirements in a more manageable way with flexibility; which means we will never run out when it comes down to selecting from different sizes available on market today. Softrol offers 3 types of garment sortation systems: Directed Sort, Hybrid Sort, and Autosort. Directed Sort is fully manual, Hybrid Sort is semi-automatic, and Autosort is fully automated.

Virtual Rail

The PulseNet Virtual Rail Module (PVRM) takes the data entered at your bag load station and provides a virtual view of all aspects involved in rail transportation. From identifying weight going into storage yards, to tracking bags as they move throughout production lines; this software offers an efficient way for companies who use manual systems like ours.