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SoftSort Garment Handling Systems are an integral component for successful uniform rental plants.  

Features include:

  • Custom designed to fit any size plant
  • Automatic data collection and analysis
  • Pre-sort and post-sort buffering conveyors
  • Scan-on-the-fly technology for reading/tracking garments

Softrol offers 3 types of systems depending on your needs:

  • Directed Sort combines computerized sorting with manual sort hardware, reducing entry costs and providing higher accuracy of sorting
  • Hybrid Sort is ideal for plants with daily sort volume of 6,000 to 12,000 garments, providing faster throughput and increased productivity while also reducing labor costs
  • Auto Sort is fully automated handling daily garment volume from 12,000 to 50,000 or more with throughput reaching 6,000 garments per hour

To learn more about the many advantages of Softrol sort systems, visit www.softrol.com/solutions/garment-sort-systems/