Introducing the SmartStation: intelligence at your fingertips

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HandlerHow to Make Your Plant Smarter

Now PPS from Softrol, the innovative production management system, is available with new, user-friendly, customizable touchpad screen controls. Utilizing real-time data, the SmartStation system will identify production bottle necks, and alert management of production deviations.

Each SmartStation provides immediate on pace/off pace performance feedback as well as indicators for other production tasks. You can also customize daily messages for employees.

Handler-1Extending beyond direct labor productivity, the SmartStation and DRP (Daily Requirement Plan) software are tools for monitoring the overall plant production throughput.

The SmartStation is one more valuable part of our Total Plant Management program.


See Us In Vegas at CSC!

Be sure to stop by Booth #117 at the upcoming CSC show in Las Vegas, March 12-14. We’ll be showcasing the new SmartStation and additional product lines that were recently approved for sale to CSC members. Come see how our Total Plant Management can help your operation run more efficiently and profitably.