Model Linen, Inc

The PulseNet Production System (PPS) delivers a six month payback with labor and operating savings to family-owned linen supply company.

Labor Management/Production Reporting


Model Linen, Inc., utilized standards for their production operations, but needed a better way to record throughput data and report efficiency information to plant management and operations personnel.


The goals for system implementation were automated tracking and the provision of data to production personnel in real-time.


Softrol installed PPS in the linen operations at Model Linen, Inc. Real-time feedback to operators provided improvements to production efficiency, and automatically recorded data – rather than having employees manually do so – delivering additional labor savings for the facility. As a result, the system generated a payback in less than 12 months. In fact, after the first year of operation, management decided to expand the system to include modules for tracking production in Model’s uniform finishing department.

Matt Toliver, Plant Mgr of Model Linen, Inc., says, “Six month paybacks are almost unheard of, wish I could find more of them.”